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The bathroom is a substantial part of our home. A modern and practical bathroom makes our life less complicated.  

Today, everybody wants to emulate the chic bathroom decor shown in movies and commercials. But in doing so, we may harm our environment and play our role in global environmental changes. 

As sustainability is the crying need of the hour, the simple solution is adding sustainable and environmentally friendly accessories.

We have brought seven must-have accessories to step up your bathroom decor. And will prove very practical. We are sure that these accessories, like laundry detergent sheets, won’t disappoint you. 


Mirrors are the key to any decoration, giving the illusion of a larger space. If your bathroom is small-sized, then installing a large-sized mirror will make it look spacious. 

In addition to a wall mount mirror, you can add a small standing mirror on the shelves. Besides enhancing beauty, it will be convenient for applying makeup or face shaving. 

Many options are available in mirrors, like mirror cabinets, standing mirrors, and hanging mirrors. You can install any type in your bathroom according to your taste and style, and just make sure that there is no use of plastic in them.

Wooden Bath Mats

Bath mats are among the best products to treat yourselfThey keep the floor dry by absorbing extra water and thus provide you with an anti-slip surface. They must be visually appealing and sustainable. 

Today, thousands of bath mats are available in the market, but our favorite ones are wooden mats for the bathroom. Firstly, they look very exquisite and are durable. However, they won’t soak up extra water compared to standard cotton bath mats. But they are very eco-friendly. 

Another plus side is that each time after a shower, you can have a dry surface to step on as opposed to cotton bath mats. 

Moreover, with wooden mats, you can say goodbye to any molds and bacteria that might infect your bathroom. So with wooden bath mats, hygiene and sustainability will be hand in hand.

Eco-friendly Shower curtain 

It is not common knowledge that shower curtains can’t be recycled and are the major player in increasing pollution. Typical shower curtains constitute PVC, lead, and volatile organic compounds, proving to be highly toxic to our environment.  

So the significant improvement that you can make in the bathroom is by changing these standard curtains with ones which are plastic free. 

Look for reusable curtains, machine washable and anti-mold. Also, check their durability of them. Some options include linen curtains, bamboo, cotton, and jute. Another trick is to look for a third-party certificate. 

Bamboo Toothbrush

The toothbrush is a vital part of bathroom accessories. The research found that an average American nearly disposed of 300 toothbrushes in their lifetime. 

Another survey conducted in South Korea revealed that almost 40.7 percent population had replaced 3 or 4 toothbrushes in the previous six months. That’s an insane amount of plastic being added to our environment. So our best option is to opt for bamboo toothbrushes. You can even find them at many fun destinations for travel. 

Although the bristled of it still contains plastic, you can recycle it. If you want to change your bamboo brush, remove the blisters with tweezers and then bury the handle in the garden or throw it in a biodegradable bin. It will be recycled in a few years.

Sustainable Loofahs

We all love seeing purple, pink, and yellow loofahs in the bathroom, but most people don’t know that they contain microplastics, making our planet dirtier daily. In reality, loofah is a plant belonging to tropical vines. 

Our standard bathroom loofahs are imposters of the real ones. So why go for plastic loofahs when we can purchase organic ones? Simply put, sustainable loofahs do the same job as plastic ones but are eco-friendly. So next time, buy a sustainable loofah for your bathroom.

Handmade Wall hanging Baskets/Bags

We need something to store our jewelry and other accessories in the bathroom. This task can be achieved by hanging handmade baskets or bags. You can put your delicate jewelry like necklaces, rings, or watches to keep them dry. 

These eco-friendly baskets are available on the market at reasonable rates. So accessories your bathroom with these modish-looking baskets.

Storage Accessories 

Bathroom storage accessories are a crucial step in organizing your bathroom. They are used for storing toothbrushes, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, etc. 

Moreover, we also have plastic towel racks, and all this contributes to pollution. To renovate the bathroom eco-friendly, one must avoid plastic-based storage accessories. You can buy ceramic cups for toothbrushes, metal bathroom shelves, cotton rope baskets, etc. These materials can be recycled and give a stylish look as well. 


In essence, we can innovate and accessories our bathroom with modern products while keeping them sustainable. We should start shifting our attention to sustainable and eco-friendly products. 

If crucial steps are not taken now, the environment will take its revenge on future generations.

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