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Backyards and patios are hubs for families and friends to socialize, unwind and even celebrate. Some homeowners use their outdoor living space to host company meetings, birthday parties and weddings. Due to San Diego’s favorable climate and recent technology, residents can create the ideal outdoor living area by adding a few new trends to the traditional amenities.

Here are 7 stunning ways you can update your outdoor space. 

1. Sound

What’s a friendly gathering without good music? Today’s stereos and speakers are designed to camouflage with plants, rocks and lights, blending perfectly with the surroundings without compromising quality. But why settle for only sounds? Thanks to the weatherproof outdoor TV, homeowners can move entertainment out to the patio and enjoy it throughout the year. Flat panel televisions of superior quality are made to resist weather damage. Some television screens and projectors are mounted directly into media centers that blend with the outdoor furnishings when not in use. For further protection, custom-fitted outdoor TV covers are also available.

2. Outdoor TV

“Today’s outdoor televisions are high–bright and high–temperature panels with a special type of glass that has greatly improved image quality. Our outdoor TVs can be placed anywhere in the backyard, not just necessarily in the shade. You can even put it next to the swimming pool because they are sunlight viewable and sun–survivable. Also, the outdoor TV is the focal point of outdoor entertainment,” said Benjamin Chapman, president and owner of 2S2, Inc. 2S2’s TVs don’t just add to your outdoor space, they make it home. 

But outdoor home entertainment is not limited to sounds and images. Swimming pools provide recreation for people of all ages. Both old and young can keep active for a lengthy period of time by swimming and playing different water games such as pool volleyball, water hoops and relay races. Guests who prefer to remain dry can entertain themselves with an outdoor pool table and lawn games, like croquet and paddle ball. 

3. Fireplace 

Enjoy your outdoor space even more with man’s greatest invention: fire. A fireplace, chimera or fire pit on the patio provides heating during chilly evenings and a romantic crackle. 

Regardless of the season, backyard campfires are a favorite pastime and greatly enhance outdoor living areas. Everyone loves to gather around built–in fire pits to roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories.

4. Kitchen

What makes a good event great? Delicious food and drinks prepared in an outdoor kitchen! Varying in size and functionality, an outdoor kitchen not only helps feed hungry guests, its cabinets and countertops provide ample storage space. When it comes to backyard kitchen designs, the sky is the limit. When designing a corner area or open-plan kitchen, you may want to consider an L-shaped layout for your outdoor kitchen. A simple and effective workspace provides easy access to the kitchen’s food preparation, cleaning, and cooking areas and elements while still allowing guests to interact. Furthermore, this amenity adds value and versatility to any home, and with such a wide range of options, these kitchens are no longer limited to the wealthy.

5. Furniture 

But guests cannot savor the taste of delicacies while standing! With the wide variety of patio furniture available, enjoying a gourmet meal or a casual appetizer in the backyard has never been easier– or more comfortable. The right patio furniture can make any outdoor space as comfortable as your favorite indoor room. Switch up your look seasonally with colorful, squishy cushions. Even tree stumps can be used for additional seating while adding some rustic character to the backyard.

6. Landscape

One of the most important aspects of your space is, of course, landscaping. Terra Bella Landscape Development (our review here) is the premier provider of professional landscaping in all of San Diego, transforming your backyard into an oasis. With experience in landscape renovations, concrete, masonry, pools and spas, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, drought tolerant landscapes, water features, lighting and irrigation, Terra Bella is able to accomplish every one of your dreams with ease. The special touch of a professional can turn your outdoor space into a real room. 

Transform your backyard into an adult playground or the most relaxing area in the home while creating memorable moments with your friends and family. Whether you’re looking to relax and watch the game or sip on cocktails with friends, the possibilities are truly endless for a backyard retreat! 

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