6 Home Improvement Projects You Shouldn’t Put Off Because of Inflation

According to the property insurance company Hippo Insurance, inflation in the U.S. — currently at 8.5 percent — is causing homeowners to delay major projects like renovations and improvements. In fact, Hippo’s data shows that 43 percent of homeowners delayed projects, and 60 percent aren’t as comfortable with those projects as they used to be, thanks to rising prices.

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But here’s the problem with that: Some delays, depending on the project, can have a negative impact on the overall value of your house. If you don’t address these things, it may be more difficult to sell your house in the long run. These are the projects you should tackle now and why, according to experts.

Repair and maintenance of gutters and downspouts

“Your gutters and downspouts are responsible for ensuring that water is properly moved away from your home. When gutters become filled with debris or decay, they cannot do their job properly. This can mean water in places where it doesn’t belong or where you don’t want it. This can lead to leaks, water damage or wood rot. As we approach winter temperatures, it can also lead to ice dams, roof damage or leaks. Basic maintenance is the best way to keep costs down and avoid unexpected repair bills for bigger problems later.” —Kevin Busch, Vice President of Operations, Sir. Handyman

Repair and replacement of windows

“Apart from repairing broken windows, updating your windows can go a long way towards promoting safety and savings. Even the most basic glass options available now can greatly increase energy savings with their superior ability to maintain internal temperatures. Having the right window glass can increase the value of the home, reduce noise pollution and protect against unwanted UV rays. Home windows serve many purposes. They can either add or detract from its value, appearance and appeal to potential buyers. If the windows are in poor condition, buyers see immediate repairs and are likely to make an offer below the asking price or ask to repair or replace the windows before signing on the dotted line. Installing new or repairing windows appeals to homeowners who want increased curb appeal, noise reduction and energy efficiency in the long run.” —Brad Roberson, President, Glass doctor

“For exterior painting projects, consumers can save money by identifying when to repaint early to avoid when paint begins to peel in multiple areas. The best time to work on exteriors is when surface cracks begin to appear and grout begins to crack and fade. If caught early, this will reduce the amount of front-end prep work such as scraping and caulking, potentially saving you money. … For interior or exterior painting projects, one way to save money in the long run be using high quality paint and doing proper prep work or hiring a professional.” —Anthony Kulikowski, owner of Five star painting of South Bend

“Most homeowners and tenants forget to clean past the dryer’s lint trap. Leading appliance manufacturers recommend that dryer fans be thoroughly cleaned once a year to prevent fire and other hazards to your health and property. Having your dryer vents cleaned increases the efficiency of the dryer, saves the life of the dryer and reduces energy consumption.” —Jason Kapica, President, Tumble Dryer Wait Wizard

“Whole house surge protectors are built to withstand many power surges over many years. They also protect all the appliances and devices that receive power from the electrical panel it is connected to. True surge protection devices must be connected to your main electrical panel by a licensed electrician. To get installing a whole-home surge protection system can add appeal to potential home buyers. The electrical upgrade can help homeowners sell their home. …Many modern homes have an abundance of important and expensive electronics and appliances, including smart refrigerators, air conditioners, dryers, computers, telephones, stereos, televisions and microwave ovens can benefit from a whole-house surge protector. Damage to these devices can cost thousands to repair or replace.” —Ben Kolo, owner of Mr. Electric of central Iowa

“Pressure washing significantly improves curb appeal by removing mold and mildew. It’s helpful in identifying rotting wood, cracked vinyl, and other problem areas. It also extends the life of your siding or paint job. A once-a-year house wash costs only a few hundred dollars in instead of repainting your home for thousands of dollars.” —David Flax, Chairman of Window Genie

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