3 reasons to improve your home this fall with smart technology | Recommended

Between after-school study groups, football games, vacation gatherings, and cabin weekends, there’s no shortage of time spent with friends and family.

Whether you’re sharing your home with those you love, or enjoying a weekend getaway, there’s nothing more important than keeping your family and home safe. With the incredible modern technology available, you can open up your home to family and friends with a security you can trust.

Here are three reasons why now is the time to upgrade your home with smart technology.

1. Use smart locks for keyless entry

Who hasn’t been late for work or school at least once because they lost their keys? State-of-the-art smart lock technology puts an end to key-related sluggishness by incorporating fingerprint-reading technology into your standard (looking) deadbolt lock. Alternatively, if you have a large family with a number of people that you would like to have access to your home, you can: easy access via your smartphone. So whether you have family who arrive late, house sitters who need to enter your home when you’re away, or kids who get home early, you can easily share access without having a million copies of your house key floating around waiting to be lost. or stolen.

2. Keep the style of your home with invisible smart locks

If you don’t like the futuristic look of modern smart locks, you can keep the classic look of a traditional deadbolt with the latest generation of invisible smart locks. With just as much (and more) useful next-generation technology, you don’t have to compromise on looks to take advantage of the best security for your family and home. Invisible smart locks work by storing the security technology inside your door instead of outside it. Not only does it make the look more discreet, but it also offers a tastier interface. The now obsolete smart locks of the past were less attractive. And let’s face it, the last thing you want to be greeted with is a big, outdated lock on your front door.

3. Enjoy technology that works with you, not against you

Unlike your smartphone which seems to always require new upgrades to work efficiently, the best modern smart locks always work. Indeed, if a lock is supposed to be anything, it must be reliable. The latest smart locks are made to make life easier, not harder. So while you can lock or unlock your home anytime, anywhere with your smartphone, your traditional key will always work too. No glitches or dead smartphone batteries will keep you from protecting the things that matter most.

Celebrate the season

Fourth best season of the year with trust. With safe, convenient and reliable new smart technology available, you’ll never have to worry about leaving a compromising key under the mat or scrambling to make sure your kids and friends aren’t locked out while you’re away.

Moreover, with up-to-date data on your smartphone, you know exactly who is coming and going and when. You don’t have to worry about whether your sometimes forgetful daughter is locked up on the way out. Now you can view and update the status of your home security right from your smartphone. So pack your things for the weekend and head to the mountains or to a friend’s house. Your home is safe and sound.

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