12 fall wreaths to greet your guests this holiday season

Pack away your summer decor because fall is just around the corner. It’s time to cozy up and embrace the holiday spirit with pumpkin-spiced scents and all things orange, terracotta, and red. And what better way to do that than with one of our favorite fall decorating ideas – a fall wreath. Adorn your door, mantle, or window with one of these gorgeous fall wreaths and welcome guests into the season in style. 

From faux and artificially decorated wreaths to real flowers and LED light-up designs, plus pumpkin and pampas wreaths, there are plenty to choose from. Plus, there are styles to suit all budgets, whether you’re wanting to pick one up with your next Home Depot shop, order from Amazon or find one browsing at Anthropologie. 

See our selection of the most stylish wreaths to get your holiday home aesthetic underway. There’s no better way to get into the spirit of the season, and a seasonal wreath will make sure your porch looks lovely, rain or shine. Even take it past your front door with a fall-themed bedding set too.

12 fall wreaths to buy this year 

When can you hang a fall wreath?

You’re best to put up your wreath anytime from September through to October. Try to time it with when the weather starts changing. See an autumn leaf? There’s your cue. 

Where should a fall wreath be placed?

Traditionally, as with any seasonal wreath, the front door is considered the best place to hang it. Picture that typical Christmas image of a beautifully styled front door where a wreath hangs neatly in the center. Well replace that with a fall wreath and your front door aesthetic is good to go for the season. A top tip? Place your wreath in the top half of your door, centering it at eye level. It’s a decorative touch that lets people know you’re in the holiday spirit.

Otherwise, it’s perfectly acceptable to put your wreath in other areas of your house, whether that be in a window, on a wall, or above a mantle piece. Entryways and dining rooms are popular places to hang a wreath too.

How to choose a fall wreath 

With so many options to choose from when it comes to finding your fall wreath, we left it to the experts for their advice on how to decide. 

Firstly, Sheva Knopfler, co-founder and creative director of Lights.com (opens in new tab)  says it’s important to consider the size of your door, then the location and the elements: ‘If your door is under a covered porch, or if you have a storm door, you could protect your wreath from autumn rain and wind. If not, you will need a sturdier, weather-proof wreath. You should also consider what foliage is around your door and what colors you’d like to ‘pop’ in your decor. If your door is visible from the street at night, it might be a nice touch to have a lit wreath, for example’. 

How we chose these fall wreaths 

Louise Oliphant author illustration

Louise is one of our shopping experts and spends her time finding the most popular and highest quality items for your home. Color, design and decor aside, these fall wreaths have been chosen for their durability and versatility. Unless you’re wanting a handmade or natural wreath for the smell and look of real flowers, a faux wreath is a better investment buy that will last you for years to come. Those that are weatherproof are at the top of our list too, as you can put them inside, outside, wherever you like. Price may vary, but they’re generally between $50–$100. 

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